VII. Arahantavagga ~ The Arahant or Perfected One
1. gataddhino visokassa, vippamuttassa sabbadhi.
sabbaganthappahīnassa, pariḷāho na vijjati.
The fever of passion exists not for him who has completed the journey, who is sorrowless and wholly set free, and has broken all ties.
2. uyyuñjanti satīmanto, na nikete ramanti te.
haṃsāva pallalaṃ hitvā, okamokaṃ jahanti te.
The mindful ones exert themselves. They are not attached to any home; like swans that abandon the lake, they leave home after home behind.
3. yesaṃ sannicayo natthi, ye pariññātabhojanā.
suññato animitto ca, vimokkho yesaṃ gocaro.
ākāse va sakuntānaṃ, gati tesaṃ durannayā.
Those who do not accumulate and are wise regarding food, whose object is the Void, the Unconditioned Freedom - their track cannot be traced, like that of birds in the air.
4. yassāsavā parikkhīṇā, āhāre ca anissito.
suññato animitto ca, vimokkho yassa gocaro.
ākāse va sakuntānaṃ, padaṃ tassa durannayaṃ.
He whose cankers are destroyed and who is not attached to food, whose object is the Void, the Unconditioned Freedom - his path cannot be traced, like that of birds in the air.
5. yassindriyāni samathaṅgatāni, assā yathā sārathinā sudantā.
pahīnamānassa anāsavassa, devāpi tassa pihayanti tādino.
Even the gods hold dear the wise one, whose senses are subdued like horses well trained by a charioteer, whose pride is destroyed and who is free from the cankers.
6. pathavisamo no virujjhati, indakhilupamo tādi subbato.
rahadova apetakaddamo, saṃsārā na bhavanti tādino.
There is no more worldly existence for the wise one who, like the earth, resents nothing, who is firm as a high pillar and as pure as a deep pool free from mud.
7. santaṃ tassa manaṃ hoti, santā vācā ca kamma ca.
sammadaññā vimuttassa, upasantassa tādino.
Calm is his thought, calm his speech, and calm his deed, who, truly knowing, is wholly freed, perfectly tranquil and wise.
8. assaddho akataññū ca, sandhicchedo ca yo naro.
hatāvakāso vantāso, sa ve uttamaporiso.
The man who is without blind faith, who knows the Uncreated, who has severed all links, destroyed all causes (for karma, good and evil), and thrown out all desires - he, truly, is the most excellent of men.
9. gāme vā yadi vāraññe, ninne vā yadi vā thale.
yattha arahanto viharanti, taṃ bhūmirāmaṇeyyakaṃ.
Inspiring, indeed, is that place where Arahants dwell, be it a village, a forest, a vale, or a hill.
10. ramaṇīyāni araññāni, yattha na ramatī jano.
vītarāgā ramissanti, na te kāmagavesino.
Inspiring are the forests in which worldlings find no pleasure. There the passionless will rejoice, for they seek no sensual pleasures.